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Nature Force Special Set - FOR MEN

€ 39,95 (inclusief 21% btw)

Products from a set for care of men's skin Nature Force Special Set include a complex for everyday use, which is based on the therapeutic extracts of the leaves of camphor tree. The line is designed specifically for skin prone to dryness and irritation.

Men's skin is 30% thinner than the female's. It is more prone to stress and harmful to the environment than women's skin, so much sooner starts to lose its elasticity and smoothness. Men do not often use moisturizing cosmetics, so skin does not get enough food, and quickly loses moisture from the stress of daily shaving, not to mention the work and dry air in offices.

Camphor tree leaf extract from Jeju Island reduces inflammation, heals irritated skin and eliminates bacteria. Saponaria extract a part of foam cleanser - a natural cleansing ingredient that has been used since ancient times. Tools do not contain alcohol, so it is suitable even for very sensitive skin and do not cause irritation. Instead of alcohol there are extract of sake (Japanese rice wine).

Products leave a pleasant citrus scent after application. The kit includes: tonic (120 ml.), emulsion (120 ml.) and purifying foam for face (120 ml.).


Squeeze a small amount of products on hands and then massage onto face.

Size: 120 ml x 3.

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