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3 Seconds Starter (Collagen)

€ 12,95 (inclusief 21% btw)


  • Moisturizes
  • Wrinkle improvement
  • Firms

Serum-starter for the face enriches the skin with vitamins and minerals and prepares the skin for further care. Due to the water-like light texture, the serum penetrates deeply into the skin and keeps moisture inside all day. A dual-action product: improves the structure of the skin, gives it elasticity and a base for the make-up (smooths wrinkles and improves all over complexion).

3 Seconds Starter (Collagen) with collagen, which active components are marine collagen and trehalose.

Collagen works in tandem with elastin to even out the texture of the skin and promote its renewal. This starter uses collagen from seaweed, which helps fight early signs of aging and improves the condition of existing wrinkles.

Trehalose is a kind of sugar that is extracted from cactus. A component that does not allow cactus to dry out in the conditions of a harmful desert. This component actively moisturizes dry skin and retains moisture inside to maintain the water balance at the desired level.

This starter will make the skin supple and velvety.


Use it before softener or toner. Apply appropriate amount on face right after washing face, pat until absorbed.

Size: 150 ml.

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