NEWS! [3 minute-read]

July 2018 - Sweet Noonawon customers!

As you have noticed many products which were in the webshop before have been sold out / not online anymore. We did not know before but actually there are many products which have not been registered properly in the EU yet! This does not mean they are not safe just that the paperwork is not done yet. Our favorite brands (e.g. Etude House etc. and many more popular South-Korean skincare brands) did not get their products tested yet in the EU which means officially no one is allowed to sell them. Any company that does is not law-abiding. 

As we want to do everything according to the law and protect (the safety of) all our clients we had to take down many products. We are so sorry about this and actually really sad too! Because this means that many customers can not buy their favorite products anymore. As you know we have been working very hard to find new products which are just as cute, good and even better! And we keep on working *fighting!*.

We will go to South-Korea this summer and fall again and have planned many meetings to see if we can get more brands to work with us! Also we already found new brands! In the meantime enjoy the products that we do have. We still follow the 10-steps so you can pick easily.

Feel free to ask us any questions: We understand this might be alot of information!

ALL OUR PRODUCTS are registered completely according to the EU law. What does this mean for you?

. On the packaging you will find information about the product - Always in English - Dutch so you will have enough information.

2. You will find a Responsible Person (RP) on the packaging. The RP is obligated for products in all EU markets since 2013. The RP guarantees the compliance for the European authorities and therefore makes sure the product is safe for human health under normal and reasonably foreseeable conditions. This includes no animal testing (we find this very important), good manufacturing practices, information to general public, labelling, product information file and safety report so that the products do not contain prohibited ingredients for EU standards (including extensive testing). This also means that if something would happen with the product you have an official RP who you can talk to which is very helpful to our customers!

3. All products that we sell and will sell in the future are registered properly and allowed to be sold by the brands in the EU (official permission). Not all countries favor EU for example as first-pick, some brands for example focus on other countries in Asia first.

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